Machine Visionaries - A webinar series- Q&A session with the leaders in Machine Vision
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Machine Visionaries - A Webinar Series

Q&A Session with the Leaders in Machine Vision

Learn from the leaders in manufacturing and get insights into machine vision both from a practitioner as well as an end-user perspective.

Date: 6th May 2021 | Time:  7:30 PM - 9:00 PM IST

About The Webinar

Today's Machine vision solutions are limited in terms of  the type of industrial problem it can solve. Solutions like defect identification or multi-variant part identification involve complex training, high skills and heavy maintenance. Dealing with accuracy issues could be a challenge both from a practical (remote site troubleshooting) aspect as well as a technical aspect (complex skill requirements). It also involves big investments in specialized AI hardware. With the power of deep learning and cloud, we would teach you how you could overcome challenges to improve your value and efficiency by 10X.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Management in a Manufacturing Company responsible for Process Automation, Quality Improvement or Digital Transformation Programs

Machine Builders catering to the manufacturing sector

Service Providers or Engineering Consultants providing engineering and process improvement services in Manufacturing

Anyone evaluating or implementing AI technologies in manufacturing for Quality Control and Improvements

Why should you attend this Webinar?

Understand the common challenges in Machine Vision solution development.

How Machine Vision and AI is leading the way for improved Quality Control Automation.

Get some key insights into how you could gain a competitive advantage using DL and cloud-based technologies for your products and services

Meet The Panelists

 Suhas Deshpande

Founder, Innoventive Business Solutions Inc.

A driven customer advocate with over three decades of progressive experience in leading- operations, quality, regulatory compliance and Cx for a range of technology businesses working with leading global brands. Highly pragmatic and results-oriented leader with a track record of resolving complex technical challenges and focused on driving end-to-end quality through a culture of structured problem-solving and prevention, to achieve customer loyalty.

Suhas now offers consultation in Canada since May 2021, providing innovative solutions addressing some of the top challenges businesses face. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, playing tennis, and Indian classical singing.

Robert Couture

CTO & Founder, V4 Vector Technologies

Graduating from the University of Waterloo in Physics, Rob started integrating industrial machine vision in 1999 throughout southern Ontario Canada and eastern United States.

Honing his craft over 15 years, he founded 4th Vector Technologies in 2014.  Rob enjoys carrying heavy objects and rucking in endurance events, along with spending time at the beach with his family. 


Raghava Kashyapa

Managing Director, Qualitas Technologies

A passionate technologist, Raghava completed his Engineering from Bangalore University and a Master's from Washington State University where he was a research fellow.

After several years in leadership roles at Epic Systems and Microsoft, Raghava returned from the US in 2011 and started operations in Bangalore. Raghava is passionate about reading and playing the guitar.

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